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saudi arabia for that. ♪ welcome to al jazeera. i am richelle carry. the world is waiting and watching to see what kind of action the u.s. will take against syria. the u.s. navy has a 5th destroyed deployed. conference calls are planned this afternoon. meanwhile, protests are expected to take place in washington and other cities. syria's president, bashar al-assad said his country will defend itself in the face of any aggression. footage of military weapons and shouldersl soldiers performing drills of patriotic music. assad's regime blamed the august 21st chemical attack on
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rebels. the syrian government dismissed u.s. intelligence on the use of chemical weapons. a shift in winds has carried smoke into several towns in yosemite national park. the winds into the san joaquin valley. regional authorities have issued a health control warning for residents in six counties while the fire is roughly 35% contained. affects of the 333 square mile blaze will be felt throughout the weekend. check out al stay tuned for "consider this."
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more fuel to those who want to attack the country. but consider this: who will get helped and who will get hurt if america intervenes? also, more than a million syrian children, most under 11 are now refugees. the major humanitarian crisis and what's next for a generation of kids left homeless by war. plus, california losing big money off of the movie industry. why is the entertainment business escaping hollywood? google and the world brain, the internet giant plans to put every book in the world online but would that give google too much power? hello, i am antonio morrow. welcome to "consider this." we begin with syria. president obama says a straight should be quote limited and narrow but as al jazeera's rosario reports, there are concerns about the consequences of any type of attack. >> on friday, president obama called the chemical weapons'
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attack a threat to america's national security and a challenge to the world. >> it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us. >> secretary of state said the syrian government should be punished for what he called a crime against humanity. >> some cite the risk of doing this. we need to ask: what is the risk of doing nothing? >> the u.s. must respond, the obama administration says, to prevent more deaths in syria, to sends a message to syria's government and others that they can't get away with using chemical weapons against in any event people and to protect america's allies in the region like israel, jordan and turkey from the potentialspread of syria's chemical weapons. limited strikes wouldn't topple president's bashar al as sad >> it would weaken assad but wouldn't tilt the playing field
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in the direction of the rebels. >> opponents of military action against syria say intervention could lead to civilian casualty, destabilize the region and suck the conflict into a conflict it wants to avoid. and that it could strstrengthen >> the war effort led by the united states and their allies against syria will serve the interests of israel and secondly, al nursa front. >> and they say it could causallies such as iran and hezbollah to retaliate against the u.s. and its friends in the region. >> if the americans attack syria, they definitely won't achieve victory, and victory will belong to the resistance and the proud nation of syria. >> the u.n. secretary general has asked for patience while u.n. experts investigate last week's chemical weapons attack,
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but the u.s. has already moved war ships closer to syria in preparation for possible strike. roxannena sudhuri, new york. >> if those strikes take place as many now think they will, who will really benefit once they are over? for more, i am joined from turkey via skype by barak barfi, a columnist with "syria deeply" and joined by yash ha r tabar for the syrian opposition. thank you for joining us tonight. the obama administration said casualties were far worse than previousliblied, more than 1400 killed including more than 400 children. barack, what are you hearing from your sources inside syria? >> we talked to some people in the suburb of damascus where these attacks happened and they said that, indeed, they found more than a thousand people were killed in these attacks and when
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secretary kerry came back with a number of 1400, that rounds up with what they said. now, the problem is what's going to happen the day after? we are hearing a lot of people in the suburbs are dam afternooningas -- dam afternoonidamaskus moving to escape an american airstrike. >> they insist it was the opposition that larunched last week's attack. they are sayi some saying saudi arabia may have provided chemical weapons. is there any doubt in your mind that they are to blame >> everything points that the assad regime used it, he had every reason to use it. this is the mode of operation of the as sad regime. they have been functioning with an intense killing machine, first with live am munition against peaceful protesters and scud missiles against areas they
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do not control randomly with no specific targets but just to pun inc. whoever is living in a liberated area. fourteen chemical weapons attacks that were smaller-scale attacks with a massacre of the scale that we saw on the 21st, where more than 1400 people, more than one third of them children lost of their lives in the most gruesome way and the most graphic way in the matter of minutes. this is something that basically makes sense in the series of events that the regime is the one that always possessed chemical weapons, has the capability of launching these chemical weapons. these weapons were launched from regime controlled areas into opposition controlled areas. everything points in the direction of that.
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wouldn't believe there is a farm inside of it. components of the aljazz mission.
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same champs as english and arabic channels. disorder in a mexico court. why this judge lost his cool.
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. can you say stocktopussy?
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the young folks. >> what are the laws going to begin to take effect?
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>> reporter: the laws do not go
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>> an interesting debate. coming up, a school where students don't read books. instead they use ipads almost my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm
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the top story onnal jazeera, syria's war. calling himself war wary but determined, president obama considering limited military strikes against syria in response to new u.s. intelligence about chemical weapons attacks. assad remains defiant. state-controlled tv showing images of the military while president assad vows to defend the country. weeks into the battle and refusing to give up, thousands of firefighters continue their work to stop the

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